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Scott Comegys for New York State Senate District 54

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Finger Lakes Forward

Scott Comegys is a Working Families Democrat standing up to serve the Finger Lakes as our New York State Senator for the 54th District.

The goal is to create a society in which everyone can successfully live the lives they choose as their genuine selves with Dignity, Prosperity, Security, and Justice.

The Finger Lakes of New York State has always been an area where that ideal can be achieved. The People here share rural values of innovation, stewardship, collaboration, and compassion which have helped to build and maintain our communities. Including those values in the New York State legislature ensures that we are included in how the state moves forward to achieving that ultimate goal and maintaining it for generations to come.

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Ensuring Public Safety

The top concern for most of the people in the Finger Lakes has been public safety. People cannot thrive in a community where they are afraid and uncertain about their safety. Working to address the root causes of uncertainty and crime, supporting the emergency responders who answer when needed, and making sure we have a system for recovery allows us freedom from fear and enables us to move forward

Building Trust

Before we can do anything to move forward we have to re-establish the relationship between the People and Our Government. We have allowed ourselves to be divided and led into constantly fighting amongst ourselves and our government.

Moving forward means increasing transparency, accessibility, and participation so the government is held accountable and serves all of the People.

Amplifying the Rural Voice

Too often the rural areas of our state are left out of the work being done for us by New York State, and our needs are not being met.

Yet the state depends on our rural areas and their contributions to the culture, and economy of the state.

There is opportunity for rural areas like the Finger Lakes to thrive, but only with representation that actively seeks collaboration instead of opposition.

Protecting Rights

In a democracy, we believe it is the purpose of government to strive to make the values and rights of freedom, justice, and opportunity a reality for all. Freedom of expression, freedom of religion, rights to education, healthcare and health decisions, and justice are guaranteed in New York State and the United States and we must always preserve and protect our rights.


What's the deal with the alpacas?

Alpacas for the People

Wanted to interject some fun in the campaign while also pointing out that we can redefine ourselves as we move forward.

Scott's an alpaca farmer and has some ideas for alpacas being emblematic of a new type of Democrat.

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