Scott Comegys for New York State Senate!

Scott is a community leader dedicated to seeing the people of the Finger Lakes thrive.

For the past 6 years Scott has been standing up for our communities, organizing with people, and leading a movement to get past the partisan fighting that has been holding all of us back and get us moving forward again to becoming something better-

A great community where everyone can successfully live the lives they choose as their genuine selves with dignity, prosperity, and security

To meet that goal our people need representatives who will work for them, with them, and include them in how we progress. To achieve this at the state level Scott is running to serve the People of Livingston, Monroe, Ontario, and Wayne counties in the New York State Senate.

"I embrace the values that formed this nation, the notion that the people should  have a more perfect union, enjoy domestic tranquility and the blessings of liberty. Times have changed since the Constitution’s mission was first drafted, our society has evolved and how we achieve the goals set at our founding has adapted, but the core mission, the values, have not."


Scott has been successfully working in and managing operations from retail to movie theatres to construction agencies, and then as a facility manager for Strong Memorial Hospital.

As a manager he led operations to become more successful by building upon the diverse talents of the people that worked for him, as well as putting forth significant personal effort in whatever the job needed. By understanding that we all succeed if we help all those around us succeed he earned the respect and trust of his staff and colleagues.

In 2012 Scott and his wife, Bethany, built an alpaca farm in Palmyra, NY, making a dream they had into a reality. The idea behind the farm was to establish a place that held to sustainable farming practices with a product that had sustained an entire culture for millennia.

While working hard at his farm he also re-entered school at Monroe Community College and earned his degree in Sustainability Studies in 2016. Both working at his farm and working for his degree gave him profound insight into the challenges our society is facing, but when his eldest child turned 18 in 2016 he had a realization that they did not have the same opportunities as a young adult that he did. That realization, more than anything else, inspired him to come forward and work for everyone's ability to overcome the challenges we face.

Since then he has worked in the public sector as a clerk to the Palmyra Assessor, worked with NYS Public Health during the Covid Pandemic, was certified as a NYS Citizen Public Health Leader, and has organized to promote Women's Rights, the Rights of People of Color, Labor Rights, the New York Health Act, Justice Reform, Sustainable Agriculture, and Climate Justice.

"Things are supposed to improve from generation to generation. I want my kids to have full, healthy, and prosperous lives. I want everyone's kids to have full, healthy, and prosperous lives. I want the same for everyone now. To move forward I have to work towards that goal."

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Who IS

Scott Comegys

  • Alpaca farmer

  • Husband and Father

  • Outdoor enthusiast

  • Public servant

  • Sustainability and Public Health advocate

  • Musician

  • Writer

  • Artist

  • Activist

  • Candidate for New York State Senate