What, exactly, do alpacas have to do with the New York State Senate?

Good question!

Scott Comegys is an alpaca farmer and creating his alpaca farm was one of the reasons that he and his wife moved to Palmyra in Wayne County, NY. In 2012 they were able to really get things started, bring the first 3 alpacas to the farm, and experience the joy of working with livestock.

The alpacas are a lot of fun, and Scott decided to share that fun and joy as part of the campaign for the New York State Legislature by introducing the alpaca as an alternative symbol for a new generation of Democrats.

With that in mind we have invited Democratic candidates in the Finger Lakes area to come and get their picture taken with alpacas. We've had past Congressional and local candidates and hope to see more participate!

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Other than having a bit of fun, alpacas, as far as we know, have nothing to do with politics.

However, in the spirit of fun we have the following Top 10 list

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Top 10

Reasons Why Alpacas

Should Be The New Symbol For The Democratic Party

  • #10 - Alpacas are indigenous to the Americas (this seems like a stretch. Admittedly they are from South America, but their origins in the fossil record come from North America (you can look it up), so we're counting it)

  • #9 - Alpacas are resilient. They weather all conditions with grace and dignity. They deal with hardships and move on to the next day with joy and hope.

  • #8 - Alpacas band together to defend the herd. When a threat is there they stand as one and face it down as a group.

  • #7 - Alpacas care about their community. With very few exceptions they make sure everyone gets resources. They nurture their young as a group.

  • #6 - It may take a bit to get an alpaca to lose its cool, but if you do you are in for a fight. They'll spit, kick, and scream to make their point.

  • #5 - Alpacas are productive. Even when it seems like they're just standing in a field they are actually producing

  • #4 - Alpacas are diverse. They come in may colors. They have a wide range of personalities. Just like the American People.

  • #3 - Alpacas are highly intelligent - They approach challenges with thought and trial and error. They learn what works and what doesn't. They teach.

  • #2 - Alpacas are all about sustainability. They take care of the land they live on, conserve resources, produce a crop that is easily processed, plan where their waste goes, and even that waste is usable immediately to help nourish the land.

  • #1 - They're NOT Jackasses. Neither am I or any other Democrats that I know in New York State